Saturday, November 27, 2010

Now I Realized I'm a WOMAN Actually~~

When i was a kid...
I was a TOMBOY..(read tomboy..not pengkid..its different)
Love to hang out with guys..
Play football..takraw..
All guys are only FRIENDS..not more than feelings were involved..
We fight today and the next day we are good..
I used to dressed up like guys..
With slacks and t cap..converse shoe and short hair..
Ouh Yeah some of them are good looking..
And bcoz im just a kid.. i dont get jealous easily when those guys that i like..wasnt mine..
I dont get emotional easily..
Its all because i jus a KID..
And I really enjoyed those times because I did not hurt at all...

Now i have grown up..
Not as a TOMBOY..
But as WOMAN..
Im a WOMAN now????
Cant believe that..
WOMAN got jealous easily..
WOMAN have so many feelings inside her..especially during PMS..
WOMAN cries..
WOMAN fall in love..
WOMAN have so many love inside her to be shared..
WOMAN wants to be loved and care by a MAN..
WOMAN that gets emotional easily..
WOMAN cant share her MAN with another WOMAN..
WOMAN wanna feel safe with her MAN..
WOMAN wanna feel secured with her MAN..
WOMAN fight with her MAN and wait for him to console
WOMAN have so many feelings that i cant describe here..
Feelings that WOMAN need to take care of...
and WOMAN can have so many feelings with MAN..
and some of those feelings are really makes u hurt..

I have so many feelings with MAN..
the feelings that i cant tell..
and now i realized that i have grown up from a little TOMBOY to a woman..
Ouh how i wish that i never grow up and stay being a KID..
So that im not hurt as I am now...