Friday, June 27, 2008

"I always wanted to tell u that......"

Last night was blackout..i was so bored..i try to sleep but i sent this sms to some of my friends and wait for their replies..

---Finish up this sentence---"I always wanted to tell u that........................"
and here are their replies..haha..
naim:that u r cute..haha..(sweet answer)
malik:mat bung break ngan bela..(x.ox.o)
ikmal kemi:dat im so damn cute..

kucai:i nk main dgn u...hehehe..(wow..unexpected but interesting)
dja:i always want to tell u that u r my best frens..hehe
emie:u shud treat mcD (emie mmg suke pow org)
ain baha: i always wanted to tell u that u r so chubby, n im so geram nk cubit!!
haziq:i always wanted to say that..that..that..ure my best fren..:)
fareez:that u r my best fwen 4eva
ajie:i just wanted 2 tell u dat,im missing u so much.u r my bestest buddy ever..=)
ijat:that u cook so well
qila chan: i hv a small butt.ha3..(she always came up with funny answer)
jen:that i nk scrt recipe cake n tgk wyg sambil glak gle2 ngan kamu lg..hehe..(miss that time too)
haidar:u r outstanding
big bro:u're so cute
ikang:that im the most hensem guy in this world..keh3..(prasan)
apam: i always wanted to tell that i want a new perfume for my kaming bday(tamo bg)
cimah: i alwayz wanted to tell u that..bersenam la slalu supaye jantung sehat..=P (jawapan yg paling bagus..huhu)
ain rc:...i like your...complete this sentence urself..(sengal lak dak kecik neh)
medea:spain will win the cup
kema:i miss u...
look at all of their replies..make me laugh..n to have that much of replies make me feel happy..there are so many people around me who love n appreciate u guys more =)
p/s:n for those who didnt get my sms n those who i cant send sms (yg tade kat malaysia)n like to reply..u can reply it here..


nazrin said...

oi oi
aku nk hadiah perfume for my bday

nabila said...
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nabila said...

aku plg xthn ngn reply malik.haha

cham said...

tade kedit hari tu.

i want to tell you that...i have a new crush..wait, i already told u that..

i want to tell u dat ...we miss u. ur rumate n i.meh lawat2 kitorg kat cni.bermalasan sepanjang hari