Sunday, April 27, 2008 eat..

2,3 weeks before i lost my apetite...tader raser nk mkn langsung..but utk isi perut..i pakse diri mkn at least once a day..i dont know the reason nape i tader raser nk mkn..maybe im too tired with the workloads kot..sometime i lupe nk mkn..huhu..that time turun la skit sekilo 2..went back to hometown pon my family said da susut sket..

but this weekend looks like nafsu mkn da kembali menyerang..thursday night i went out for dinner with  my frens and i ate nasik goreng +mee goreng..friday night i terase nk mkn sate bota..we went there but the sate was kitorang g kedai lain yg ader sate since i teringin sgt nk mkn sate..n i ate 35 cucuk ye..haha..puas2..eventhough its 30sen..

n tonight i just got back from mcd..i bought chicken mcdeluxe,n 2 apple pies..n we use tha coupon from newspaper n we got 6 pieces nuget n chicken wrapp for free..huhu..byk gilos aku mkn this few days..

maybe sbb internet utp suxx gler..n aku raser sgt tensen n mcm tade life..thats why byk mkn kot..u guys know kan..utp students life is in front of our pc..without internet..we are lifeless..

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