Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its the end but will never end..

Yesterday is our last RCSU meeting for this was like usual..educamp postmotem n department updates...but this meeting will be the last meeting for me and those who are going for internship next semester..its the end of our services in RCSU

In RCSU,you will end your services once u went for internship...but,you will always be part of RCSU and then called 'warga emas'..once we were retired,what we do is advice,guide and help the RCSU members in their tasks..

Ive been in RCSU since end of foundation 2nd sem (2006) until 3rd year 1st sem(2008) has been 3 yearas..there are lots of benefits from being a RCSU..i learn how to deal withh people,younger and older and me..manage the improved my soft skills a lot..I was the asst director of independence week last year..i manage to improve my leadership skills..there are lots of things that i learned..but i dont know how to describe it..but i is beneficial and worth helps me to be abetter person in all ways..

OHANA..that is what we call ourself(RCSU members)..OHANA means family and family means nobody got left behind..that describe the relationshhip between the members..we live like a family..we share joys and tears together eventhough we came from different age,courses,places and races..we live like brothers n sisters..i think this the only organization in UTP who live like a family..i love everybody eventhough sometimes they did hurt my feelings..its a family..air dicincang xkan putus..guys..we will always be a family..

i spent most of my time with RCSU rather than my friends..i even move to v5 to stay with them..too many things i did with them..
  • futsal (ohana won 1st place)
  • muvies...
  • mapley together
  • ipow..
  • cuti2 RC (once for each sem)
  • bbq
  • minggu aluan siswa
  • educamp
  • helping the staff with the hostel
  • hostel registration every sem
  • tahlil
  • karaoke~~
  • bowling..
  • eat at bonda..
  • MCD
  • we also study @ RC meeting rrom..huhu..that the best part..really miss 2006..we eat,study,pray n sleep there..huhu..only went back to mandi..

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