Friday, May 9, 2008

its exams time!!

hai guys..da lame x bebel kat was so damn bz with projects,assignment n tests..biasala..student..n now..preparing for final paper start on monday..

my routine during study week..
  • wake up in the morning(depends la nk bgn kul baper)
  • IRC
  • lunch + zohor
  • IRC
  • asar + dinner
  • magrib kat bilik
  • IRC
  • mapley(it depends..but mostly laaa..)
  • sambung stadi skit kt blik
  • tdooooooooo.....
best things time study week..
  • tade class...
  • stadi ngan woooo...
  • stadi ngan emie,cimah,izul n apam (missing ben n cham)
yg x bestnyer....
  • tensyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!
  • i eat alot when sudeyh..
  • studying is so damn tired....
  • tdo n mkn yg x btul make me feel sick!!

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