Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Independence Day Malaysia...

counting days to celebrate 51st independence day..only 2 days left..31st August 1957..its our historical date..on that say we are free from British..everybody were so excited to celebrate the day every do i..

but this year..i don't know why i don't feel excited to celebrate..maybe because all the political issues that makes me feel not safe to live here..i think we are not living in harmony anymore..all the politicians seems like wanna break the integrity among the Malay,Chinese,Indians and others..the integrity that was built long time ago..the politicians only hunting for powers and money for their own good..never think on the Malaysians anymore..

i really hope that all Malaysians realize all these things..i was really proud to live here in Malaysia once...but now, not anymore..i want to live in peace and political issue...why don't all the politicians sit together improving our life..not fighting to improve 'their' life..sit together and build MALAYSIA together..what they did is fighting each other to rule this country like they own it..this country is belong to us..

let us think together...Malaysia was conquered by British,Portuguese n Japanese once...and now it is happening again..but by our our stupid politicians...
**maybe im going to Dataran Merdeka to watch the parade..with no feelings..

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