Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Intership at Honeywell

fuhh...i just had a presentation this morning...i have to present to my boss and engineers on what i learned for this 2 months...so many flaws..i know..my bad..it was last minutes preparation...

they didn't attack me by asking so many questions (like we did during pcs presentation)...but here are some comments:

  • u r too fast..u finish it in 10 minutes

  • explain on what u r going to present (subtopic)

  • u should improve more

  • give advantages

  • give more example

  • some topics are so details and some r not details

  • 'waaa...so good..got cartoon some more'

after hari raya..i got another presentation with them..i have to improve..i will..

i love this internship...bcoz i learn alot...eventhough my boss is not like u guys...

My Boss:

  • strict

  • have to inform him wherever i go..

  • have to be punctual

  • do not play around during working hours..

  • report should be submitted every week..

  • 1 day 1 sheet of report

  • report should be nicely done (kemas,cantik,punch elok2)

  • report should be details..include photos,diagram,system architecture,block diagram,circuit diagram..n so on

thats my boss...not like my friends' boss..they can come at 10,11,12...go back at 3,4,5...or dont come at all..they can submit their report anytime..write anything..their boss didnt care on that..they did their works but dont really know on what they are doing..

we get the same allowance..rm500..but i learnt more than them..

see my reports??how thick it is??that is reports for 10 weeks..

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