Thursday, November 13, 2008

i cant think for the title.....

i cant think right now...
even for the title...
i just cant..
my 3 kg brain was freezing..
here in this office..
it is so damn cold...
like the north pole..
even with a jacket..
still can feel the coldness..
is it the air cond is too cold??
or is it because my office mate's desk is snowing???(she decorated her desk for christmas)

not so many office works currently..
im attached to the new project at penang..
im not going to install the hardware..
but im involved in software..
im waiting for the software to arrive and we can do the programming and designing the graphic..
but i have a lot of weekly report to write.. so lazy to do it..
hopefully my boss wont ask for it until i finish it..
6 weeks of reports..
after got back from UTP im a bit lazy to update my report...

im doing it..but at the lowestest rate..
im like typing one word for 5 minutes..
so slow..
if i had a race with a tortoise..
for sure i will lost..

its good if i can go back and sleep..

ok laa..
boss datang lak..

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