Monday, November 17, 2008

last weekend is 15 and 16 Nov 2007..

last saturday ben invited me to follow him for his friend's wedding at first i refused since im working on Saturday nite (a
t old town white coffee)...but ben can really make me resist to refuse the offer....just after he mentioned bout
 like allergic to this always attracted to take s me actually 1 seconds to make deci
sion...cancel everything tha
t weekend and follow ben to Taiping and then go to UTP to meet our beloved FLOLES...yea...that the main purpose..

so xyah la citer panjang2 our journey to Taiping 
yg menyesatkan.

we reached UTP at 5 pm kot (around that la)..pray at Masjid An-Nur..then moved to V3 and had some garlic bread sambil borak2 and watch the juniors..haha..ben always being pochi..anywhere..anytime..but only with FLOLES..then we went to snap2 around v3 and v4 and pusing2 1 UTP jln2 amik giler...raser sg
t aman dan tenang..

at about 7 ben sent me to emie's block where ill be staying that nite..ben stayed wth apam..
at 830 we gather at "tempat biase"..
.that time i am so happy..the happi
ness that can make u see 7 of us..the FLOLES..ben,apam,izul,emie,cim
ah,cham n otai..thats us..

then we go to IRC..ben makes me so tired by using the stairs to go to level 3 instead of using the lift..huh..cham was so bz that nite..she will be s
itting for a tough subject on do
 chimah..izul like always..malas nk study..dtg irc s
bb nk tdo n main2..n done some cute things that will make us laugh..this t
ime he is playing with ben's tripod to flip the book's pages..

after 5-10 minutes studying,emie 
n apam get bored and ask ben to go for we went to the bookshelf to amik gamba..lame gak kami amik gamba..sampai 10.30..
sempat amik gamba wat love story time aku updet story tuh kat cni..

we were 
so hungry then..but cham still want to we wait until 11pm..we planned to go to maple to had rbtm(roti bakar tel
ur manis) since only kat mamak Utp jer yg ader rbtm..but semue full..ader football that we wen
t to a restaurant at taman maju..mkn banya
k2..story2 skit sambil gelak...biler FLOLES gather..dunia luar kami abaikan..we laugh x ingat dunia...pedulikkan ape yg org kate..thats us..F
LOLES is so open..if u r ugly we
 say offense and no heart feeling..kalau gemok..kami kutuk..kalau cantik kami puji..

dekat kul 1 gak kami balik bilik..the guys singgah masjid amik gamba..but the gals went straight home sbb they nk stadi..

the next morning..we plan to amik gamba..diff people diff place..and also take family much much laugh..after snapping..kami g breakfast..kat mapley..RBTM..yeay..akhirnya dapat gak mkn...=) me n ben balik kl at abput 2 pm...

i really feels so good that do they..we are so special..i feel like we are in year 2007 where we hang out together almost everyweek...w
e did everything together
..i rea
lly wish everyday will be like this...and reallly hope that everybo
dy will get a job in KL and we can live together...

I L.O.V.E my F.L.O.L.E.S

and the photo will tell u the relationship and the fun we had..








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