Wednesday, February 18, 2009


our friendship started in 2005..almost 4 years the desert of Toronto...yelaa..aku Tronohville...Universiti Teknologi Petronas..taking the same course..Mechanical and my roomate, Hani always went to class together..i still remember during our first class..we were sitting next to this 2 handsome guys...but one look older than his age...they intoduce themself as Wan Muhammad Rashdan a.k.a DAN and Mohd Ridzwan a.k.a ALONG...that time they were like gatal2 a bit...beser la...dak RMC ngan MCKK..gersang kot...



then there is another tall and not "clear to see" guy from our class...i hate this person the most at this early time...really really hate him!!!why??because he always flirt with most of the girls from our batch..and he is so sweet talker that time..i can say that he is a seducer...and i still remember he seduce my roomate that time...Mohd Fahmi Abdul Rahim..also known as BUN..thats him..


we also met this one old guy who eat alot...and yess...he is really old to us..=D I still remember when he ate in the is so much..very2 much..Mohd Hanif a.k.a anep...the old man yg kuat makan nk mampus..but that time he is not fat..haha..

from these people, i met the other friends...Mohd Hafiz a.k.a skinny guys with coloured hair that time..i did not remember the colour...

another Hafeez a.k.a AREJIE...he is just a ordinary and kind person that use to hang out together...


the one that alwasy been bullied by the other guys...Mohd Fitri Azad..he is the bulu-bulu guy that looks like mamak jual karpet...haha..i love to take out his bulu...hehe..ouh i forgot..DAN also got this bulu2..and i love to take out his bulu too..=D

one day in a class..BUN gave a piece of paper written "TEAM SOYA"...that time i was like "what the hell is this??" sound stupid to me and we did not write our name since they were just playing around...and since that..i did not realize when and how we became close friends....always hangout nasik lemak and drink soya bean...BUN love the soya bean..hoping that he can be a little fair..ahaha..(he never did)..we sit together in the together..celebrate birthday...and byk lagi yg we did together...ouh i forgot..that time JON and WENG TENG are also part of us...

but then after founday my roomate,HANI,JON and WENG TENG left us....they went oversea...continuing study..

but thats not the end of the friendship...but we built new one...getting more and more friends...first year..BUN become baik sikit...quite weird..and that time he found his soulmate(ye ke??)..KHADIJAH a.k.a putih melepak tpi x gebu sbb kurus cam mulut kecik tetapi berhidung tinggi dan berkebolehan mengembangkan idung nyer ketike bercakap apatah lagi maser marah...huhu..
bun n djaa

then ALONG with his so called partner..NAZHATUL FIKRIYAH a.k.a NAZHA....the first among us that own a car..she is a clumsy person and careless a bit..always left her things here and there...drop her phone/calculator/what ever she has in her hands...I did adviced her to bring bag to class to keep her things...for 4 year she did not listen to me..on this final year she got a more thing bout her...her "cubit" dowh....
otai n djaa

meet AREJIE's roomate..MALIK...he got a cool superbike..he is as fair as death body..quite a blurr person..good looking..good listener too..

and also BUN's roomate..HAZIQ...he is the most intelligent person among us..he is the source of assignment to us..hehe..diligent..weird some times..always come out with new weird words..
dan n haziq

and those people that i mention above are so important ...we are friends..good friends..close friends...the best friends i ever had in UTP..went to a movie lots of time together...and we are so open be with us..u have to be strong in hard..because we speak directly....hati kene keras..kene tahan kutuk...if not u cant be with us..

as a human being..we always make mistakes...sometimes we did not realize that we hurt our friends feeling...i did that mistakes...i scold ANEP so angry that time..and after that time..we did not talk to each other for almost 1 and a half years...we still hangout together with the other friends...but we never spoke to each other directly...

EGO...that lies inside us..both of us were ego and dont want to admit our mistakes and apologize..waiting for the other side admit it first and apologize...this friendship is meaningful to me...i dont want to lose this friendship and a brother because of this stupid EGO i thro the ego away..and yesterday...i apologize to anep..and now we were good..i am so damn happy..=D

i really hope that this friendship will last forever..and thanks for being my friends...u guys have been a good friends to me....always be with me through joys and sorrows...thanks a lot....i love all of u..

ouh..i think i forgot to describe myself as part of the team...i am SITI NURFADILAH known as OTAI...and im just a ordinary people =D

bun n anep

konon2 baik..pas klas english

otai n dan

otai,dja,nazha n along...supporting avatar

maser sambut besday hani

the gay partner



malolipop~ said...

otai, nice... got less than a year left,
sumtyme i envy u for the amount of fren u hv,
but felt so damn good n lucky that i'm one of yours, kn2...
take care, good luck final year

DjaA said...

letak la gamba ak bebyk skit..hahaha..
i also appreciate u as my fren..
ak ni kwn yg bleh kamcing btul ssh kot..sbb..ntah..
ey, jgn kutuk2 anugerah Tuhan k.. (ak bgge dgn hidung ku)

siti otai said...

haha..kutuk diri sendiri nampak..kembang kuncup..kembang..kuncup..kembang..x kuncup2 da..idung krem..haha

wengteng kerinteng said...

otai..x sngke ko ingt kt ak..tetiba ak cm teringt blk life kite semua tym foundation..gile r..rindu gile doh..summer ni ak blk..ak nk visit sem korunk..rindu siot........


siti otai said...

dear wengteng...
we were together for a short time..but..the friendship remains until we die..
eventhough we make mistakes in our life...
u r always welcome weng teng...
tp datang bawak ole2..
tanak lebah tanak madu..
kalau bawak madu nnti beng bising lak..haha

Chocolate^lurve said...

hahaha djaa..ko kne bangge tau,bkn sume org ade anugerah camtu..
btol2~dlu aku tkut nk kwn ngan ko honestl..
skrg ni aku xtkut lgsg,lg mau cubit ade ah..
mari2 sape mau kne cubit lg..=p