Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pulau Merah..

since last week..ive been craving for a steak..maybe because i watched Asean Food Channel too much..hehe..but i cant get any steak because dont have much scholar yet last week..
since i got my scholar yesterday, i ask my 2 dayahs to go to ipoh n eat steak..n i want a really2 great steak..

ive done some survey canyon is too e
xpensive for student..not worth it..n there is no chilis in ipoh..aina suggest us Maria we went..excitedly..especially me..
we saw arak before the entrance..
the kakak said it is halal..but we doubt it..
the kakak is the waiter which means she has to serve arak when customer order for i rite?
doesnt she knows that serving arak is also haram??stupid kakak..

back to my story..
dayahs( got 2 dayah) suggest new restaurant opposite c
heng ho.they said there is a big sign of halal there..
so we went..(hopefully got steak)hehe..

it is a nice restaurant..chairs like kopitiam..n looks like secret recipe too..
it is

got steak!!

so we ordered.
MINE: new zealand lamb chop(rm17.90) with BB-chiu sos (read as BBQ..waiter tuh org mane tah tareti sebut Q) + kaya butter toast double(3.00) + honey lemon(3.60)

the BB-chiu sos

DAYAH 1: vege spagetti (8.00)+blue angel(8.00)

Dayah 2: hot n spicy chicken (14.00) + peach n mango drink(8.00)

the food is great..and the special drinks is the BEST!!

the special angel n peach mango

i did not order the special drink..because the food is costly already so save with the drinks..n can "pow" from them later..hehe..
we really enjoyed the food..
air aku yg kecik tuh jer..honey lemon

the peach n mango is the has mango ice blended + "telor ikan peach"
it looks like hair vitamin tuh..but when masuk pecah n can taste the peach..syiokkkk woooo...

'the telor ikan peach'

me enjoying ida's drink..haha..mcm aku nyer lak..



Mysterious Lady said...

sodap sodap

Anonymous said...

chilli's pun serve arak juge.

fae ramly said...

red island cafe ni kt mana?? mcm nak try

siti otai said...

dkt depan chengho