Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Blessed Year for Otai~~

da lame x updet blog nih..sian kau yer blog..da bersawang..been so bz here a little update on me to those yg follow blog aku (bajet ader org follow je kan..)

last week is my birthday..28 April..thanks God for giving me another year...thanks to everyone yg wish..and again..this year no cake..huhu..i was at home that time and was hoping that big daddy will come back home with small expected..big daddy dont really care if its your bday or not eventhough i gave him some hint..huhu..even my mum forgot its my bday!!nvm..its not a big deal right??

in the evening i went to KL to meet the floles...a surprise??nooooo..dont expect anything from when u cant challenge "cham's curve or emie's micro curve or cimah's linear" as ben we had nasik ayam..ben blanje..THANKS BEN!!

back to the reason why I went to buy 500D..yeah~~thats the best bday gift ever from ME to MYSELF..Ben suppose to buy it earlier...thanks to him that makes me get in on my bday!!so his bday is same with me (the 500D is a he okay~~)..then cham n emie wanna belanja makan..but it was a bad i went back home..stop at Oldtown in Seremban to have a coffe with Khucai..then go back and sleep..

the next day is fucked up..i suppose to pick ekin n farra n go out for dinner..and that orange kerete kebal fucked up..He stopped in the middle of the road near the one to help me to push the car to the side until 4 indonesian guys cross the road and help..and there is one good looking guy stop his car to help..the batt is we use jumper and start the car..few minutes then my dad arrived with my brother's car so we went out then and my dad took the kerete kebal back home..Grrrrrrrr

more stories on the carr that pissed me off..on friday before i go abu dhabi..i went to the dentist to take out the braces (senyuman da menawan~~)...then did some shopping in Tesco..on the way back suddenly the tyre punctured..fucked up..the car is messing up with me again..again..big daddy came from his school and change the tyre then send it to the shop up until 5.00pm..sian big daddy..huhu

fyi, im now in abu dhabi for 2 month for SLB school~~
btw..i bought new BUM watch and a sunglasses as a gift from ME to MYSELF for my bday~~~

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cHam^^ said...

nak satu sunglass! haha