Tuesday, May 19, 2009


last night i did ask her is she going to study on the desk or on the bed..and she allow me to study on the desk..so i studied the whole night...and this morning.. when i wake up..with the high spirit to study..i went to the toilet to brush my teeth and wash my face..and study focusly..(semangat nk stadi sampai x mandi pg..hehe)

after done with 1 example..this empty stomach is craving for something..so i boiled the water and make a hot delicious MILO..nyum2..with kaya n butter bread..pergh...mmg sarapan torrbaek!!huhu..(is it sarapan when its 1pm already??)

finished eating..so i went to the kitchen to wash my hands(7 steps basuh tgn..7 ker???x igt laa)...when i come back to the room..she with her muke baru bgn tido yg masam tuh is clearing all my books n notes n telling me that she need to get notes from the PC..im blank for a while..is it neccessary to clear all my things when i am studying just to get the notes from the PC???

i dont mind to study on the bed..since it is not my room..but u should let me know..the thing that u done...its hurt me..

and serious shit u spoilt my mood to study..i try to study on the bed..but could not write anything because of u...THANKS SBB SPOIL KAN MOOD AKU...since da tade mood..i decided to go back to my room so i packed my stuffs..u are happy aren't u??? ouh by the way.. i was sleeping not because im waiting u to beg n stop me to move out..but im waiting for my rumate since she lock the room...n finally..im back in my room sweet room..but still x stadi..lum ader mood..mlm la kot..hopefully u are happy now..coz i dont really care..since i can live without u..coz im independent..i can go to the cafe and eat alone...and i can go back home by bus or tren alone anytime i want..so I DONT GIVE A SHIT!!

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