Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The TRUTH of the DAY...

what is the DAY???
its my BIRTHDAY!!!
it was last tuesday..28 April...

i went for a group meeting that day and it finished at 11.30..
i almost forgot that its my birthday..(pengaruuh cham)
got into my rumet was out for PDP meeting..
at 12 midnite..i celebrate my birthday alone with CHOKI2...(rumet belikan siang tuh)
12.30 the housemates come n sing birthday song...
few msg from frens and some of it through gtalk,facebook and frenster...
thanks guys for all the wishes..

a called from my mum n my brother..
jalan2 carik sate with cham n dinner with cham..
and a moody bday wish from ben..

one early wish and few late wishes...the latest is chimah..

do u really care bout your birthday???
do u want everyone to wish HAPPY BDAY??
but those who wish u..doesnt that means that they love u more since they remember ur bday??
would u like to have surprise on the day??
do u want u frens to celebrate it with u or u yourself celebrate it with ur frens???

everyone MUST be happy if people make a surprise on ur birthday...
everyone MUST be happy to have a small cake with candles at the midnite somwhere with your close frens..or maybe its bread with candles..or whatever it is that replace the cake..or maybe just go out for dinner or what ever it is..
everyone MUST be happy especially when it is your last year to celebrate with your college frens..
everyone MUST be happy to celebrate their bday with gurlfren/boifren (if they have one)...

i dont get any surprise..
i dont get cake n candles..
i dont even go out and at least eat with my close fren in UTP..
and i dont have any boifren to celebrate with..
HAPPY??not really..

the kings are being appreaciated on their bithdays...
the labours are being appreaciated on 1st May..
and for the normal people like us..
our bday is the day to feel appreciated...

to me..this is the worst bday ever..
not because of i did not get any present..
not becoz floles didnt come n surprise me...
not because the housemate didnt get the cake for me..
not becoz my rumet was not in the room with me..
not becoz of u dont remember my birthday..

but bcoz i did not have the chance to hang out / mapley with those folks who i called frens...
and it is more sad when a bday girl invited her frens to eat SATE..and I only get 1 reply and silence from the others....sad huh??this is madness!!

i know that everyone is so busy that time...
im not mad if u are not free that time..
im not mad if we could not make it that nite..
im not mad if u say NO...
but i am MAD n SAD coz u did not reply at all....

like i said before..this is the worst bday in UTP ever...

but I got the greatest wishes from emie,cham,apam,chimah n ben(baru igt izul x wish xpe..izul terkecuali..sbb izul kan aneh..'spesel')..
luckily ader cham disisi...
duk carik sate dr bote sampai bt gajah..dr 6.30-8.30mlm...
last2 mkn nasik+ikan siakap 3 rase+tomyam+kailan+daging merah+telor dadar+air tembikai...and like always..we makan sampai licin..hehe..
the next day tuh date cham ag..mkn SATE lak..puas2...
n semlm another date with cham..sopiing kat tesco n dinner kat old town + stroberi celup nutella...torrrbaek!!
thanks is so wonderful with floles...since cham jer yg tgl..
life is so wonderful with cham!!


dOtcOm said...

otai sorry la xwish~ kdt xpired and mls topup nk jimat sejak jobless neh >.< dekat sbln pc aku rosak (emie tau kot) haha..

HappY birthday and slamat study~ tlg tidurkan tuk aku kat IRC. xpernah dapat chance nk tido puas2 kat irc. haha

siti otai said...

hoho..patutla lame x online..
thanks izul..
di saat aku membaca komen izul neh..
aku raser mcm izul da lain..
izul mcm da matang..i mean lebey matang..
haha...komen ni mcm x pelik..
ko kan slalu anta bende pelik2..
patutla x dapat msg ko ajak g irc kali nih..(slalu kan ko anta mdg ajak g irc walaupon aku/ko tader kat utp)hehe..

ida said...

fad..ko tak igt pon kite bekfas kepsi ye...sedih ak..
takpela..ak tau ko tgh sedih..kan?kan?so ak assume ko terlupe..
its ok ma fren~
wlupn ko tak anggap ak kwn rapat ak rasa ko rapat ngan ak..
wlupn br last yr ni kita br nak ko la kwn yg first ak igt bila ak bgn tdo tiap2 ari..

wateverpon..ak tak lupe kan besday ko?? ak yg 1st kan wish??
yeah~~ i'm da 1st~(overexcited) :-*

siti otai said...

maunyer x igt..
kotak kfc siap simpan lam bilik lg!!
aku bgn pg pon igt ko~~
sbb nk g klas same ngan ko...
sbb takut ko x bgn ag..
sape kater ko bukan kawan rapat aku??
kater girlfren aku..
thanks ida 4 being understanding..
tp..ko bkn org 1st wish..sbb ader org tuh terawal 1 hari...
sape ek??

dOtcOm said...

erk aku matang? ahaha. aku sentiasa matured je.

baru abis tgk fringe tetibe rase kagum dan nk lari dr PET dn nk kejar cite2 msk R&D create tech pelik2! ahaha