Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muhammad Yaseer bin Idrus...

this guy is a friend of mine..
since standard 1...
we are in the same class until standard 6..
we were good frens that time..
study,play and fight together..
my father n his mother used to be in the same maktab perguruan..

he is cute..short (mase skola rendah la)
and of coutse..we both a bit nakal..
tp bijak!!!
and we always fight in our studies and work hard to beat each other..
during the primary school, me, yaseer,acap n fareez..are close fren..

then for the UPSR the 3 of us except farezz got 5A's..fareez only got 4A's since he is too busy with his football playing with the state..
Acap is the head prefect...
yaseer is very good in chess and footbal..
same goes with fareez..
and me..actively in sport and yes chess too!!but not as good as them..

then secondary school..
acap went to SMAP labu..
and the other three went to KGV..
at KGV we have aour own new gang...
during form 3..me n yaseer again in the same class..
he's become taller..
more nakal..
always skip the class..(aku la yg slalu cover)..
but still bijak!!

seriously this guy sgt genious...
i study hard for PMR and he always skip the class..
and we share the same result..8A's..
he himself and our class teacher cant believe that he manage to score..
but i believe in him..

then i moved to MOZAC and yaseer went to skolah teknik kot..
since then we lost contact..
i remember i called him once before the spm..
if im not mistaken he had an accident that time...
that time i still remember his house phonme number..but now i cant recalled..

then after spm i heard he studying business in somewhere in Johore..kalau x silap la..
and until today..we have lost contact to each other..
i still contact with acap n fareez through phone and facebook/frenster..since they are in the same college now..in Sabah..
but yaseer..no frenster..no facebook..
mane la mamat ni skang..
kind of missing him..

and i had adream bout him this sfternoon..
i met him in my dream..with his cousin..sharifah..
but he didnot recognize me so i cry..
and he is so sorry because did not recognized me..
i miss him..
anybody who knows any info on him..let me know k..

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