Sunday, November 15, 2009

finale of the finals..

it has been long since i update my blog..busy with study of course..its Final exam of FINAL semester..just finish my 3rd paper this morning..n got one more this wednesday..then i dont have to think bout study anymore..n UTP is like so it make sense to have exams on Sunday??its public holiday kot~~..kalau maser kecik2..sunday morning is time for Dragon Ball..kan kan kan??

i wanna write about yesterday was Engineers in Society main was only 2 hours paper but i studied like it was 4 kredit hours..nevermind..this is not my main point the end of the paper, the invigilators hold us for almost half an hour in the hall..just to collect and count the papers..thats the longest time I ever had..

during this half an hour..i look around..i saw the faces.. the faces that ive been seeing for this past 5 years..those faces that i hate..those faces that i like..those faces that i love..those faces that i treasure in UTP..Jan 05 friends..especially Mechi people..

i saw azad..haziq,dja,anis,saa..nani, n keyroll i can see u from far ok..hehe..i saw everyone will takes one day to write those names..n i started to think..oh my God..i only have 2 more weeks with them..2 more weeks to see their faces..we will be graduating soon..and to think that we are not be able to see each other this makes me sad..makes me cry..seriously i can cry on this..

we really wanna finish this study because we are so tense with the studies and the projects here in i right frens?? i really wanna be with my UTP frens..forever..

p/s: lets enjoy our last time being together in UTP..


Anwar Samad said...

muahahahahahaha... den x nampak kau.. ashek beburak dgn budak blakang den joo..


siti otai said...

mau deh x nampak..yg bokilat tang jauh tuh mosti ekau..haha..tuh yg nampak tuh..