Saturday, November 21, 2009

its fun to talk to him..

he was my lecturer once..n now..he is one of my good fren..a good listener..hehe..
last night..not really night..early in the morning about 3 am..i had a video call with sia (read as sia chee weeeee)..hehe..through skype..its been a year since the last time we talk..kan sia kan??n we only keep in touch through facebook...n since last week i post comments on his well yet only yesterday he replied me..huh..kind of sad n mad becoz he ignored me..feels like 'he didnt care bout me any more'???

haha..he felt guilty bcooz didnt response to me kat facebook kan..tuh yg video call tuh..and it is from 3am until 9am..waktu malaysia laa..almost 6 many stories and gossip to tell..haha..bese la..kalau ngan sia mesti la bergossip..

Sia siap view my photos n searching the right man for me..haha..n of course i told him everything..all my feelings n things that happened throughout the year..told him on edx n my scouts activities n for sure he is proud of me...hehe..n thanks alot to him..for motivating me so much..because of him i know the value of edx..most of the students do not want to enter edx since there will be so many things to do for edx..but for me..edx is valuable..thats why i worked so hard on my poster to get to edx..n Sia said my poster looks professional..hoho..

he keep asking me whether he looks old n la Sia..u still look adorable to me..hehe..n mestila dier kate aku gemok kan..he always be honest k..n he helps me betulkan was like a big correction the way thanks for the help..i dont mind on the big changes as long as it good for me..

for those who know him..u might hate him becoz he is strict during static..but its for our own good..and he is very2 mean sometimes..haha..if he is being honest..kalau dier kutuk mmg kutuk kawa2 laa..n aku pon kutuk gak la dier kan..hoho..

btw..thanks to Sia for all the helps..for all the support..for motivating me in studies..for being a good listener too...luv ya..muahh..hehe..

video call with sia from 3am-9am

me during edx..nice poster kan??

Sia n Fadzil


Nor Hanis said...

fad, mr sia xde blog ke? nk stalk gaks... lol~

iLLy said...

mr sia cursed me to fail during class. how can 1 forget?

siti otai said...

haha..sian lak not sure he really mean it or just nk takutkan students jer..haha..