Friday, November 6, 2009

Malam yang gelap..dan indah..

this maybe our last dinner together..why??because we dont really like each other we decide to break up the friendship that we have for the past 5 years...


there is no way we will stop the friendship among us..because we are family!!we love n care for each other..even if sometimes we do fight..huhu..after this..we dont know when can we sit and eat like this together year August maybe for the convocation??we are graduating soon..less than 1 guys..lets spend our last time together..lets have fun together..lets make more awesome memories together..dont fight2 haa..


siti khadijah said...

kejap je nk grad da..

mesti nnt rindu kt semue..

mr malcik said...


good luck all 4 final

n cari kije..


to blog owner..

tahniah negeri topic..

Happy Graduation to All

sape yg kapel tuh..nk kenduri jgn luper ajak...hehe

siti khadijah said...

eh. x kapel pon kne jemput kalau ade kenduri.

doa selamat ke. ptg jmbul ke..


kalu ade rezeki. bole dtg~