Wednesday, December 16, 2009

da abes blaja..

yerr..aku da abes stadi..
skang tgh kije sementara..
slalu nyer blogger akan ceritakan pengalaman sepanjang kat utp biler da abes stadi..
yup i plan to..
but now..
still waiting for something
slagi x dpt..
slagi tuh la aku akan senyap..
conclusion nyer..aku happy skang nih..sbb Tuhan kan sayang aku..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

lebah mengeja

petang td dapat msg dr cham chairatul hushna..

"igt x citer spelling yg kiter tgk sapai pg mase sahur dulu??hahahah..aku sdg tgk cite tuh kat tv2..Lawak seyh biler igt 'semangat' korang tgk citer ni..ajak balik pon tamo.."

haha..kalau igt balik mmg lawak..g sahur kat mapley kul 4.30 pg..then tertgk citer best aku pon takasi derang balik sbb nk tgk citer tuh..sbb aku kan driver..huhu..mmg best kenangan zaman dulu..nk diulang kembali??mmg impossible..dulu mmg slalu lepak mapley..n kalau da tertgk citer yg best dr awal..mesti nk tgk sampai abes...kadang2 lepak mapley sampai suboh..kenangan terindah~~

Monday, December 14, 2009

Carikkan aku Jodoh..

ader la satu lagu indon neh..aku dgr kat umah org gak rr..yg aku heran sgt..aku jumpe 2 org budak kecik yg duk nyanyi lagu neh dr awal sampai abes dengan lantang dan penoh balik aku pon gugel..and the song title is CARI JODOH by WALI BAND..and bile aku kaji lirik dier..ibarat menghempapkan muke ke taik ozzy...pergh..kene balik kat aku..kat bawah tuh ader lirik dier..sile hayati k...

ramai betul org kawen skang la musim cuti sekolah kan..and disebabkan aku da meningkat dewasa dan abes blaja..maka ramai la yg bertanyakan aku bile nk kawen...pergh..aku tekontang kanting nk jawab..bukan aku tanak mcm lagu CARI JODOH tuh.."Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku"..da kalau tade org nk kat aku..cmne mau kawen..memilih ke aku??memang la aku kene memilih..kalau 10 yg datang sume laki org..ko gilo??nk mampuih ko kawen ngan laki org??harap2nye taklah..huhu..sape2 yg ader calon tuk aku..sile la perkenalkan k..maybe aku kene kurus n kaye baru org pandang aku kot~~huhu..

Cari Jodoh

Apa salahku apa salah ibuku
Hidupku dirundung pilu
Tak ada yang mau dan menginginkan aku
Tuk jadi pengobat pilu
Tuk jadi penawar rindu
Tuk jadi kekasih hatiku

Timur ke barat selatan ke utara
Tak juga aku berjumpa
Dari musim duren hingga musim rambutan
Tak kunjung aku dapatkan
Tak jua aku temukan
Oh tuhan inikah cobaan

Ibu-ibu bapak-bapak
Siapa yang punya anak
Bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku

Siapa yang mau bantu
Tolong aku kasihani aku
Tolong carikan diriku kekasih hatiku
Siapa yang mau

Back to *, **, ***

Ibu bapak punya anak
Bilang-bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku

Back to ***

Lirik Lagu Indonesia

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

its fun to talk to him..

he was my lecturer once..n now..he is one of my good fren..a good listener..hehe..
last night..not really night..early in the morning about 3 am..i had a video call with sia (read as sia chee weeeee)..hehe..through skype..its been a year since the last time we talk..kan sia kan??n we only keep in touch through facebook...n since last week i post comments on his well yet only yesterday he replied me..huh..kind of sad n mad becoz he ignored me..feels like 'he didnt care bout me any more'???

haha..he felt guilty bcooz didnt response to me kat facebook kan..tuh yg video call tuh..and it is from 3am until 9am..waktu malaysia laa..almost 6 many stories and gossip to tell..haha..bese la..kalau ngan sia mesti la bergossip..

Sia siap view my photos n searching the right man for me..haha..n of course i told him everything..all my feelings n things that happened throughout the year..told him on edx n my scouts activities n for sure he is proud of me...hehe..n thanks alot to him..for motivating me so much..because of him i know the value of edx..most of the students do not want to enter edx since there will be so many things to do for edx..but for me..edx is valuable..thats why i worked so hard on my poster to get to edx..n Sia said my poster looks professional..hoho..

he keep asking me whether he looks old n la Sia..u still look adorable to me..hehe..n mestila dier kate aku gemok kan..he always be honest k..n he helps me betulkan was like a big correction the way thanks for the help..i dont mind on the big changes as long as it good for me..

for those who know him..u might hate him becoz he is strict during static..but its for our own good..and he is very2 mean sometimes..haha..if he is being honest..kalau dier kutuk mmg kutuk kawa2 laa..n aku pon kutuk gak la dier kan..hoho..

btw..thanks to Sia for all the helps..for all the support..for motivating me in studies..for being a good listener too...luv ya..muahh..hehe..

video call with sia from 3am-9am

me during edx..nice poster kan??

Sia n Fadzil

Monday, November 16, 2009


kenape sume bende ko leh wat???
bile time aku nk wat sume xbleh..
sume x kene..
tu salah nih salah...
i respect u thats why i allow u to do what ever u want..
did u ever consider me???

Sunday, November 15, 2009

KBN7485 xder adab!!

the situation is like this...

ida nk keluar keter but si KBN tuh ida pon horn n shouting hoping for the owner to notice..dlm 10 minit gak la kitorg tgu..bru 2 pompuan jln berlenggang lenggang dgn muke x bersalah..

and of pissed off..nk keluar makan i said "lain kali paking keter tuh kat tgh jalan..senang.."

n that stupid junior bleh wat muke x bersalah..n without SORRY at all..lg la aku bengang kan..

n i said :"bangang giler ko da wat salah nk say sori pon x bleh...kalau ikot kan aku aku calarkan jer kete ko..lpas ni abes la kene ban keter ko..kalau x pancit tayar..tayar ko ilang"

pergh..mmg bengang..da la bengan sbb kene block..pas2 tanak say sori pon...susah sgt ke nk mintak maaf??da la ko junior..tader respect langsung..

to KELISA KBN 7485 err..aku raser biru kot....u messed up with the wrong person..

finale of the finals..

it has been long since i update my blog..busy with study of course..its Final exam of FINAL semester..just finish my 3rd paper this morning..n got one more this wednesday..then i dont have to think bout study anymore..n UTP is like so it make sense to have exams on Sunday??its public holiday kot~~..kalau maser kecik2..sunday morning is time for Dragon Ball..kan kan kan??

i wanna write about yesterday was Engineers in Society main was only 2 hours paper but i studied like it was 4 kredit hours..nevermind..this is not my main point the end of the paper, the invigilators hold us for almost half an hour in the hall..just to collect and count the papers..thats the longest time I ever had..

during this half an hour..i look around..i saw the faces.. the faces that ive been seeing for this past 5 years..those faces that i hate..those faces that i like..those faces that i love..those faces that i treasure in UTP..Jan 05 friends..especially Mechi people..

i saw azad..haziq,dja,anis,saa..nani, n keyroll i can see u from far ok..hehe..i saw everyone will takes one day to write those names..n i started to think..oh my God..i only have 2 more weeks with them..2 more weeks to see their faces..we will be graduating soon..and to think that we are not be able to see each other this makes me sad..makes me cry..seriously i can cry on this..

we really wanna finish this study because we are so tense with the studies and the projects here in i right frens?? i really wanna be with my UTP frens..forever..

p/s: lets enjoy our last time being together in UTP..

Monday, November 9, 2009

kerane nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga~~~

as we all know, last wiken final Piala Malaysia between N9 and Kelantan...
and yes..N9 has been playing very well and won the match 3-1..but Indra Putra's score is the best eventhough he is playing for harm to say the truth right??

and more on the truth on the nite..these Kelantanese fans is being wild again like before..
they are throwing bottles and fire crackers to the field and players yet burn the this Kelantanese behaviour??i have Kelatanese friend and i know how kind u are..but this is what we called "kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga"..

but they are not only being wild in the stadium..but also outside..crushing innocent people's it reall necessary to show your anger to innocent people because u lost??

i heard this on Sinar fm this morning where a father want to cancel the engagement of his daugther because the father said that Kelantanese are not a good people..pity them..huhu.that guy might not like football at all but have to face the consequences from the Kelantanese football fans..huhu..

if before this it is known that less people want to get married with people from N( due to the "leceh" Adat Pepatih..and now..less people want to marry kelantanese people because they are wild during the foot ball match..huhu

p/s: den da x jiwang..ekau da buleh komen daaa

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pernah kau merasa...

Pernahkah kau merasa
Pernahkah kau merasa

Cukup sudah ku berikan cintaku
Cukup sudah rasa ini untukkmu
Mati sudah hati ini padamu
Mati sudah hasrat ingin bersamamu

Pernahkah kau merasa hatimu hampa
Pernahkah kau merasa hatimu kosong
Pernahkah kau merasa hatimu hampa
Pernahkah kau merasa hatimu kosong

Buang saja semua kata cintamu
Buang saja semua kata maafmu
Hancur sudah hati ini padamu
Hancur sudah hasrat ingin bersamamu

pernahkah pernah kah kau merasa
di kala siang datang terasa gelap gulita
tak ada cahaya hanya gelap hitam dan kelam
tak ada lagi suka tak ada rasa
pernahkah pernah pernah pernah pernah pernahkah
pernahkah kau merasa di saat diri terlelap

meski gemuruh kian beradu slalu mengganggu
kau tetap terlelap dalam tidurmu
Maafkan aku sayangku
bukan maksudku menyakitimu mengkhianatimu
Ampuni aku sayangku
jujur katakan aku tak lagi mencintaimu

Pernahkah kau merasa Pernahkah kau merasa

lagu yg sedang bermain2 di fikiran ku lately..

saye suke....

sy suka sorg budak name die ehem
die suke makan aiskrim comot,comot
tp ehem comel sangat

hari2 ehem tunggu sy blik sekolah
klau ehem tunggu bawak aiskrim syg ehem sangat

biarkan ehem aaa..

bile ptg2 kite main dkt padang
ehem suke tolak jatuh dan tersungkur tp..
sy syg ehem..

bile besar nanti sy nk kawin dgn ehem
bapak ehem baik suke pujuk sy sbb
mama sy garang.

biarkanlah 7x
biarkan ehem aaa..

skrang ehem xde lg dlm dunia sy
sy suke tunggu ehem dkt kubur
sy rindu ehem sangat..

biarkanlah 7x
biarkan ehem aaa..

-Ost papadom-

*whishing my bf to be can sing such song to me...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Malam yang gelap..dan indah..

this maybe our last dinner together..why??because we dont really like each other we decide to break up the friendship that we have for the past 5 years...


there is no way we will stop the friendship among us..because we are family!!we love n care for each other..even if sometimes we do fight..huhu..after this..we dont know when can we sit and eat like this together year August maybe for the convocation??we are graduating soon..less than 1 guys..lets spend our last time together..lets have fun together..lets make more awesome memories together..dont fight2 haa..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


err..something happen today..kecik jer..but mcm besar to me..
tbe2 cam tersuke sambadi...
laki org..
aku xbleh suke laki org..
x baek tau..
tp td tbe2 tersuke lak..
tp sbb da laki org..
make hampe la jawabnyer..
kenape la org2 yg aku tersuke nih mesti laki org???
tade ke lelaki hensem yg single yg boleh aku nk flirt2 kat muka bumi nih??

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6th Asian Pacific Regional Scouts Youth Forum

A great memories..Once in a lifetime..Something to be proud of..

with Taebo from Kiribati

with Nuch from Thailand Teura from French Polynesia and Filzah from Brunei

Mara from French Polynesia

kawaiiii Haruko Shioi from Japan

6th Asia Pacific Regional Scouts Youth Forum

p/s: the stories??will be updated later

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dont play2...

" ko jangan main2 ngan adik aku..kalau ko main2 ngan adik aku..siap ko..ko jage dier elok2.."

what if adik ko yg main2??patut ke abg dier lak kene blasah sbb adik die main2..or adik dier yg nk kene blasah??


Monday, October 12, 2009

lagi bebodohan UTP..

utp neh semakin lame semakin bangang..semakin menyusahkan..menyakitkan hati..

kes1: one week b4 amik exam slip (last sem)
dapat notis suh bayar outstanding saman..kalau x bayar taleh amik exam..kalau saman 30 tape sampai 500 n they notify us 1 mgu sebelum amik exam igt sume dak utp nih anak datuk ker??duit lam bank la tau awal2..bleh la student bayar ansur2 or crik duit lebih or berjimat cermat..BODOH!!

kes2: sbb ramai yg nk bayar saman..make kaunter pon penuh setiap hari..n biler lewat dr due date..kaunter da tanak terime bayaran saman because they said rector said la beratus2 student esp yg final year nk kene repeat sbb taleh byr saman..2 KALI BODOH!!

kes3: dc++ and mirc...
as they said mirc ngan dc makes the tenet slow mcm siput sebenanyer read this for details..staff nih kadang2 belagak jer pandai tp kadang2 bangang they cut dc n mirc sbb kater ader budak share porn laa...share muvie what??xkn tgk muvie pon xbleh??xkn 24 jam nk kene ngadap buku jer??PORN??terang2 kot kat dc taleh share porn..ader lam rules kot~~n now mirc pon da tade...derang xtau ker dc tuh bukan utk entertainment jer..students share notes kot~~exam papers..mcm2 bende ilmiah kot..N WE NEED ENTERTAINMENT TOO!!sangap dowh!!

kes4: after aku settle sume saman last sem..tibe2 dapat email kate ader saman ag rm210..dabel fuck!!aku da bayr kot~~resit mesti la da tade..da lamae kot~~so kene lak g check kat finance MANUALLY OK!!cek papers satu2..for each tarikh..seb baik ader..kalau x mmg aku bakar utp neh..da la masek g check tuh akak finance tu leh kater "tp dlm sistem nih still outstanding dik"..aku da bayar la bodow!!

da la byk mende yg dier block..sume company violation..mostly sume donlod taleh..even nk donlod academic pon tube taleh leh consider ag nk tgk video yg ader muke senirik kat facebook pon x bleh!!bangang..

n to all my for mpp next week tayah la turun mengundi..membazir jer..derang bkn leh wat pape pon tuk kiter..n siyesly..mpp..u suxx n u failed!!lebih baek tayah ader mpp n lebih baik tayah ader internet gak..charge student hostel fee mahal2 tp service cam bangang..bek pulangkan duit biar kitorang pasang streamyx kat umah nih..lg laju dan best!!

cepat la abes blaja kat utp neh..n aku tanak anta anak aku kat utp nih..UTP maybe one of the top university kat Malaysia in terms of academic..but the lowest position in terms of student welfare!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yang Mano Satu Pilihan Kalbu...

haha..da mcm lagu p ramlee la plak..

namo diboghi mcm dlm ic Siti Nurfadilah Ahmad Mujor

Siti Nur
Siti Otai

the latest one...Odai

thats what people call me..
with so many names..
but which one suit me??
which one is better??

tp kalau kat utp, ill introduce myself as otai..
senang sbb kalau sebut Fadilah ramai yg x kenal..
tp cam ganas sgt..huhu..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Friday, October 2, 2009

Sape nk temankan aku g tgk PAPADOM kames nih??

aku rase cam nk g tgk PAPADOM kames nih..
sape nk ikot temankan aku??
open to all utp students..

bukan nye aku nk menggatal..
reason kenape aku nk ajak lelaki temankan:
1-sbb movie tuh mesti la malam n balik mesti lewat..(aku da fobia nk drive mlm2..lg2 sorang2 sejak langgar pokok)
2-sbb aku tanak ajak pompuan sbb lecehla..kang derang nk g sane la..g sini la..aku nk keluar tgk wayang sahaje..n mkn kalau lapar..
3-reason tanak ajak member2 lain ikot same tgk wayang sbb aku da malas nk plan..biler aku plan jer..sorang x free laa...sorang tanak laa..nk deting aku malas..
4- lelaki tuh kene single..sbb aku malas lak nk menjawab ngan awek2 korang kalau korang da berawek..unless awek2 korang member baek aku yg jenis x kesah..
5- lg elok kalau korang adelahh member2 yg kamcing gak ngan aku..kalau x nnti aku segan silu mcm kucing malu2..

wayang bayar sendiri..minyak aku sapot..keter aku..
reply kat blog aku jer..
serious application only..haha
kalau tade sape nk ikot..make terpakselah aku g sorang~~

Lagi Kisah Bapak n Anak....

KISAH 1: LEMANG stated story this time is about lemang..every rayer..we make lemang for ourself..n for our regular customers..1 batang rm6..murah sbb buluh kecik..we prefer the small one sbb comel n easy to eat..ngan teros jer..n our super doubt..kalau x xkan ader regular customer,we did not sell tepi jalan..only to regular customers jer..n this year 80 batang..buluh+daun pisang da ready by ayah..

we usually masak lemang in the morning bcoz some customers are balik kampung in the tooks 5-6 hours to cook one day b4 raye..i wake up at 9..ayah set up the fire already but mum have not yet prepare the my mind "cepatnyer ayah idupkan api" i bro mesin kelapa..then i help my mum perah kelapa..almost 10 bijik ok..

then ayah datang "x masukkan lg ker dlm buluh??api da nk abes"
"&$#@" n i bebel to ayah(only aku jer yg brani bebel kat ayah n ayah x lawan..huhu)
"sape suh ayah idopkan api awal2..x nyempat2..pas2 api abes..bising2 marah org lak"
so ayah diam tande mmg betol dier salah..
n thats ayah..kalau dier salah tape kalau kiter salah tabuley~~

dgn muke yg agak marah to ayah..i cepat2 masukkan beras lam buluh..ouh sungguh penat..duduk for almost 1jam lebih..saket pinggang..

after finish i went to bed..for a nap..then its raining..ouh nikmatnye tdo petang dikala ujan~~n i heard mama n ayah busy pasang khemah to protect the aku malas..sleep for only 1/2 jam..kater nap..then ganti ayah to look out after the lemang..he need to pray..

during that time..some of my lemang cooked already an then came the first customer took 20 lemang..rm120 in my im the accountant..all the customers paid to me..we sold almost 45 batang..n the rest is for us to eat n give to nenek..

because or baju raye x siap =( that nite we went out to get baju raye n we spent duit lemang on baju raye..hehe..n the balance belongs to my mum..n some for the zakat..

ouh n the lemang is the greatest!!sungguh lemak berkrim..

helping ayah jage lemang..

KISAH 2 sambung nnti k......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pulau Merah..

since last week..ive been craving for a steak..maybe because i watched Asean Food Channel too much..hehe..but i cant get any steak because dont have much scholar yet last week..
since i got my scholar yesterday, i ask my 2 dayahs to go to ipoh n eat steak..n i want a really2 great steak..

ive done some survey canyon is too e
xpensive for student..not worth it..n there is no chilis in ipoh..aina suggest us Maria we went..excitedly..especially me..
we saw arak before the entrance..
the kakak said it is halal..but we doubt it..
the kakak is the waiter which means she has to serve arak when customer order for i rite?
doesnt she knows that serving arak is also haram??stupid kakak..

back to my story..
dayahs( got 2 dayah) suggest new restaurant opposite c
heng ho.they said there is a big sign of halal there..
so we went..(hopefully got steak)hehe..

it is a nice restaurant..chairs like kopitiam..n looks like secret recipe too..
it is

got steak!!

so we ordered.
MINE: new zealand lamb chop(rm17.90) with BB-chiu sos (read as BBQ..waiter tuh org mane tah tareti sebut Q) + kaya butter toast double(3.00) + honey lemon(3.60)

the BB-chiu sos

DAYAH 1: vege spagetti (8.00)+blue angel(8.00)

Dayah 2: hot n spicy chicken (14.00) + peach n mango drink(8.00)

the food is great..and the special drinks is the BEST!!

the special angel n peach mango

i did not order the special drink..because the food is costly already so save with the drinks..n can "pow" from them later..hehe..
we really enjoyed the food..
air aku yg kecik tuh jer..honey lemon

the peach n mango is the has mango ice blended + "telor ikan peach"
it looks like hair vitamin tuh..but when masuk pecah n can taste the peach..syiokkkk woooo...

'the telor ikan peach'

me enjoying ida's drink..haha..mcm aku nyer lak..


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bagi dan ambik..

Give n Take..
"tangan yg memberi adalah lebih baik dr tangan yg menerime"

thanks for those who gave..
next time aku bg lak k..
tasaba nk "bagi"..

6 suda cukup..

SIX is enough..
compared to thousands but useless..

Friday, September 18, 2009


(click to enlarge photo)

watak: bun,otai,djaa,haziq, adan, along, nazha, malik, achik, arejie,nadh

p/s: 1st time try wat komik..hehe..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pre-Raya Shooting with Soya Team

Last nite..we hang outt was super duper fun to be with them..
It was pre-raya shoot..
no more come the pictures..


The Boys..

The girls..

dgn si dia yg gilo!!

org giler kener langgar..

biler gay partners baring bersame~~

err..ajie..da penuh kuota??

somwhere in Toronto..

K.A.M.I again..

p/s: thanks eena for being our photog of the nite..
p/s/s: thanks soya..susah payah carik baju melayu utk penuhi request aku..thanks for the smiles =)

last but not least..

Dari anak-anak mu di bumi Toronto...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


as requested by Anas...i present u..TAM SPIDER 5...

tgk muke ida yg huduh..

depan: me n ida...blakang: naDEK n faEK

again ida yg huduh..

me n faEK..

excited me..hehe..

the complete us..din anas otai ida naDEK n faEK..

p/s: spider 5 tuh name group project facilities kitorang..n this is the most "sembangat" team i ever had..