Saturday, May 30, 2009

si kereta...

i just had an accident...

td..kul 1.30 og..aku sampai dr seremban kat stesen kete api ipoh(tiket bt gajah abes)...n cham pick me up..then aku raser nk minum2 kat old town ngan cham..spending last days with cham...

n then kami pon balik..lalu jalan clearwater...b4 sampai clear water ader 1 pokok tumbang tengah jln..jalan gelap tade lampu..da dekat baru pasan ader pokok tgh aku x sempat break..lepas minyak..n let it go...BAMMMM!!!i hit that tree..mcm langgar sebijik bonggol yg besar..thank god we are keter abes...radiator pecah..bumper depan pecah..n it stuck there tgh2 ppg yg gelap..kiri kanan utan..cuak giler sampai xtau nk kol sape...mostly sume x angkat..sbb tdo..cham pon glabah2 kol polis sbb takut kot dlm gelap...ader 1 indian nek moto ngan abg gpms yg comel tgh alihkan kayu...1 pakcik stop checking for us..aku igtkn nk suh dier dier nk cepat g hospital sbb anak dier saket...its ok pakcik...

skejap lepas tuh ader 1 lg keter stop checking on us..dier igt eksiden sbb air dr radiator tuh nampak mcm darah sbb dlm gelap kot...

abg gpms suh kitorg overnite kat kem tuh sbb derang pon ader program..lambat giler kitorg decide..sbb blurr..pas2 pakcik tuh nk tlg crik tow truck sbb takut ader org curik tayar kalau tgu esok sbb kawasan tuh mmg tader pusing2 crik tow truck..singgah balai jap..tow truck tuh dah angkot keter g bengkel...n eok tgk la mcm mner..haih..baru kayer 2 hari..da miskin balik..

nasib baik aku bawak x laju..tgh borak2 ngan cham..kalau laju..da terbalik kot..nasib baik ader pakcik yg baik hati(lupe tanye name pakcik tuh)...n sebb eksiden tuh..kitorang ilang ingatan jap..lupe ape yg kitorg duk borak b4 eksiden..n aku lupe ape yg aku ckp right after the eksiden...kul 5.30 bru balik utp..pakcik tuh anta..time kasih pakcik..n skang baru rase sengal2 badan..sbb momentum kot..bibir aku darah skit sbb langgar stereng..n naseb baek cham pakai seat belt..kalau x senasib ngan kema la ko cham..nasib baek tader paper..syukur alhamduillah...lesson learnt.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


last night i did ask her is she going to study on the desk or on the bed..and she allow me to study on the i studied the whole night...and this morning.. when i wake up..with the high spirit to study..i went to the toilet to brush my teeth and wash my face..and study focusly..(semangat nk stadi sampai x mandi pg..hehe)

after done with 1 example..this empty stomach is craving for i boiled the water and make a hot delicious MILO..nyum2..with kaya n butter bread..pergh...mmg sarapan torrbaek!!huhu..(is it sarapan when its 1pm already??)

finished i went to the kitchen to wash my hands(7 steps basuh tgn..7 ker???x igt laa)...when i come back to the room..she with her muke baru bgn tido yg masam tuh is clearing all my books n notes n telling me that she need to get notes from the blank for a it neccessary to clear all my things when i am studying just to get the notes from the PC???

i dont mind to study on the bed..since it is not my room..but u should let me know..the thing that u done...its hurt me..

and serious shit u spoilt my mood to study..i try to study on the bed..but could not write anything because of u...THANKS SBB SPOIL KAN MOOD AKU...since da tade mood..i decided to go back to my room so i packed my stuffs..u are happy aren't u??? ouh by the way.. i was sleeping not because im waiting u to beg n stop me to move out..but im waiting for my rumate since she lock the room...n back in my room sweet room..but still x stadi..lum ader mood..mlm la kot..hopefully u are happy now..coz i dont really care..since i can live without u..coz im independent..i can go to the cafe and eat alone...and i can go back home by bus or tren alone anytime i I DONT GIVE A SHIT!!

aku PENAT!!

penat dgn org2 sekeliling yg perangai tah paper..
yg moody x tentu pasal...
penat dgn org2 yg x ikhlas..
penat dgn KAMU!!!

i miss my room n my rumate.
room sweet room..
here i come!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Unbalanced Hormone...

once a hormone will be unbalanced..(u know the reason..if not..go find urself)
and during this time..i am more sensitive than before..huhu..
easily to get mad and moody..i just realize this thing last year during internship..
this thing is always happening before 'itu'...
so i know the exact time when this is happening..
so..i try to control my feeling,my anger by keep in silence..and ignoring what ever people said as it might start the fire in me..
and to the people out there...please dont start the fire in me...and can u please shut the hell up and stop blaming me on the small things!!stop arguing with me!!im not in the mood to!!JUST STOP IT!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

its season finale!!

damn it!!greys anatomy season 5 da last episode...ep524..i was hoping and waiting for the next episode next lpas gugel..i found out that its the last episode...damn2!!x happy to see meredith and derek are married..but so damn sad bout izzie and george!!!are they gonna die??they are dying at the same can the surgeons save both??they are cutting george now and izzie might need their help too(if she can come back)...feel like im director..please let them live..(director is like god to a film since they decide the storyline..haha..or should it be the scriptwriter??) the surgeons..they were so closed to each other..eventhough they always fight..and hate each other..just like meredith and derek's post-it wedding vowes "promise that u'll love me even when u hate me" please dont let them die in your story~~and i wanna watch more and more and more episode of greys anatomy...


Happy Teachers Day...

ive been busy with exams this few done with 3 papers in a week!!
my last paper is on this thursday..sorry for this late wish

Saturday,16 May 2009...its Teachers Day!!
i would like to wish HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to all my teachers..
SK MENDUM (1993)
SK AMPANGAN (1994-1999)
SMK KING GEORGE V (2000-2000)


and not forgetting my beloved father..AHMAD MUJOR MOHD SALLEHUDDIN...
and my mum ZAHARAH MOHAMAD...

THANKS..THANKS N THANKS (thousands of thanks =)

"A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image"
"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Muhammad Yaseer bin Idrus...

this guy is a friend of mine..
since standard 1...
we are in the same class until standard 6..
we were good frens that time..
study,play and fight together..
my father n his mother used to be in the same maktab perguruan..

he is cute..short (mase skola rendah la)
and of coutse..we both a bit nakal..
tp bijak!!!
and we always fight in our studies and work hard to beat each other..
during the primary school, me, yaseer,acap n fareez..are close fren..

then for the UPSR the 3 of us except farezz got 5A's..fareez only got 4A's since he is too busy with his football playing with the state..
Acap is the head prefect...
yaseer is very good in chess and footbal..
same goes with fareez..
and me..actively in sport and yes chess too!!but not as good as them..

then secondary school..
acap went to SMAP labu..
and the other three went to KGV..
at KGV we have aour own new gang...
during form n yaseer again in the same class..
he's become taller..
more nakal..
always skip the class..(aku la yg slalu cover)..
but still bijak!!

seriously this guy sgt genious...
i study hard for PMR and he always skip the class..
and we share the same result..8A's..
he himself and our class teacher cant believe that he manage to score..
but i believe in him..

then i moved to MOZAC and yaseer went to skolah teknik kot..
since then we lost contact..
i remember i called him once before the spm..
if im not mistaken he had an accident that time...
that time i still remember his house phonme number..but now i cant recalled..

then after spm i heard he studying business in somewhere in Johore..kalau x silap la..
and until today..we have lost contact to each other..
i still contact with acap n fareez through phone and facebook/frenster..since they are in the same college Sabah..
but facebook..
mane la mamat ni skang..
kind of missing him..

and i had adream bout him this sfternoon..
i met him in my dream..with his cousin..sharifah..
but he didnot recognize me so i cry..
and he is so sorry because did not recognized me..
i miss him..
anybody who knows any info on him..let me know k..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

post specially dedicated to Norhidayah Rosli a.k.a Ida...

sorry beb..
ko bukan kawan aku..
sbb ko girlfren aku..
jejom bergua-guaan..
jgn g gua idong sudah..
banyak taik!!

thanks for the bday wish..
thanks for the kfc..
mner penah org bekfest kfc..
kitorang jer g bekfest kfc..hehe..

thanks sbb slalu kejut aku pg2 nk g klas..
thanks sbb sign kan aku biler malas g klas..
thanks sbb layan kerenah aku..
thanks sbb wat asaimen biler aku balik..
thanks sbb lawat aku biler demam..
thanks sbb bg aku tiru time test..(nk tiru final bleyh??)
ouh lupe..
thanks sbb "bayarkan" jam tangan aku..haha

thanks sbb faham aku..
thanks sbb kawan aku..


semakin hari semakin sunyi tanpa KAWAN...
kau KAWAN ku..
tapi adakah aku KAWAN mu???

kenangan indah bersama KAWAN...
itulah khazanah..
bukankah final year sepatutnye lebih indah dgn KAWAN...

aku ingin...
mengukir lebih banyak kenangan bersama KAWAN...
selagi kesempatan masih ada..

kenapa aku raser semakin jauh dari KAWAN..
adakah mmg aku semakin jauh atau hanya perasaan aku???

Aku lemah tanpa kamu
Ku inginmu dampingi ku
Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu

Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik untuk diriku
Hanya satu
Hanya kamu

Ku membiarkan hatiku
Untuk merinduimu
Ku menghamparkan sakitku
Untuk tatapan kamu

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its Time to STUDY!!!

its study week...
so obviously its time to study...
this is the time where IRC will be full with people who are really study / sleeping/ making noise...
for the time being im not going to IRC..
not really well..
with cough and flu...
i cant stand to be in IRC...

and studying at my room also cant do..
raser mcm tgh holiday kat bilik sendiri..lembab giler stadi...

study alone is boring..
but u cant study in agroup...
coz u will start gossipping and melagha..

duhh...missing the study time with floles...
missing izul's cute act with his sweater's sleeve..
missing 'shopping' the cute guys at irc with cham n emie..
and rbtm and nasik lemak after IRC!!
great huh??

my dear floles...ben,emie,chimah,apam,izul n cham......

Mimpi Yang Sempurna...

Mungkinkah bila ku bertanya
Pada bintang-bintang
Dan bila ku mulai merasa
bahasa kesunyian

Sadarkan aku yang berjalan
Dalam kehampaan
Terdiam, terpana, terbata
Semua dalam keraguan

Aku dan semua yang terluka karena kita
Aku kan menghilang
dalam pekat malam
Lepas ku melayang

Biarlah ku bertanya
pada bintang-bintang
Tentang arti kita
dalam mimpi yang sempurna

notes: Acoustic version is the best!!

The TRUTH of the DAY...

what is the DAY???
its my BIRTHDAY!!!
it was last tuesday..28 April...

i went for a group meeting that day and it finished at 11.30..
i almost forgot that its my birthday..(pengaruuh cham)
got into my rumet was out for PDP meeting..
at 12 midnite..i celebrate my birthday alone with CHOKI2...(rumet belikan siang tuh)
12.30 the housemates come n sing birthday song...
few msg from frens and some of it through gtalk,facebook and frenster...
thanks guys for all the wishes..

a called from my mum n my brother..
jalan2 carik sate with cham n dinner with cham..
and a moody bday wish from ben..

one early wish and few late wishes...the latest is chimah..

do u really care bout your birthday???
do u want everyone to wish HAPPY BDAY??
but those who wish u..doesnt that means that they love u more since they remember ur bday??
would u like to have surprise on the day??
do u want u frens to celebrate it with u or u yourself celebrate it with ur frens???

everyone MUST be happy if people make a surprise on ur birthday...
everyone MUST be happy to have a small cake with candles at the midnite somwhere with your close frens..or maybe its bread with candles..or whatever it is that replace the cake..or maybe just go out for dinner or what ever it is..
everyone MUST be happy especially when it is your last year to celebrate with your college frens..
everyone MUST be happy to celebrate their bday with gurlfren/boifren (if they have one)...

i dont get any surprise..
i dont get cake n candles..
i dont even go out and at least eat with my close fren in UTP..
and i dont have any boifren to celebrate with..
HAPPY??not really..

the kings are being appreaciated on their bithdays...
the labours are being appreaciated on 1st May..
and for the normal people like us..
our bday is the day to feel appreciated...

to me..this is the worst bday ever..
not because of i did not get any present..
not becoz floles didnt come n surprise me...
not because the housemate didnt get the cake for me..
not becoz my rumet was not in the room with me..
not becoz of u dont remember my birthday..

but bcoz i did not have the chance to hang out / mapley with those folks who i called frens...
and it is more sad when a bday girl invited her frens to eat SATE..and I only get 1 reply and silence from the others....sad huh??this is madness!!

i know that everyone is so busy that time...
im not mad if u are not free that time..
im not mad if we could not make it that nite..
im not mad if u say NO...
but i am MAD n SAD coz u did not reply at all....

like i said before..this is the worst bday in UTP ever...

but I got the greatest wishes from emie,cham,apam,chimah n ben(baru igt izul x wish xpe..izul terkecuali..sbb izul kan aneh..'spesel')..
luckily ader cham disisi...
duk carik sate dr bote sampai bt gajah..dr 6.30-8.30mlm...
last2 mkn nasik+ikan siakap 3 rase+tomyam+kailan+daging merah+telor dadar+air tembikai...and like always..we makan sampai licin..hehe..
the next day tuh date cham ag..mkn SATE lak..puas2...
n semlm another date with cham..sopiing kat tesco n dinner kat old town + stroberi celup nutella...torrrbaek!!
thanks is so wonderful with floles...since cham jer yg tgl..
life is so wonderful with cham!!

The post that make me cry.....

this post make me cry...