Monday, May 19, 2014

#otaisolotrip Bali Day 2!!! (Part 1)

Excited to read my stories?? I am more excited to write..haha.. So 2nd day in Bali i choose to go for cycling.. Yeaaaa... Sounds crazy...the last time i ride bicycle was like 13 years ago... 

7am in the morning, Maxi (the guy who sold me the tour package at Kuta Beach) is ready to pick me up.. Ouh well it is not easy to find "the farm" as it is a little bit off road.. In the van i met one family from aussie and one guy from errr.... I forgot from where.. N forget the names... SORRRRRYYYYYY.....always have problem with short term memories nowadays... Haih getting old...Bu t i remember the kid's name.. JASON!! Bcoz he is too cute...

From the map, the journey is only for 1 hour but due to "macet" (traffic) it took us almost 2 hours.. So one tips if u want to go to Bali...come in pairs..make sure your partner have motorcycle license..the traffic is worst..especially if u took the van...motorcycle is more convnience..But you need to be very brave because the drivers in Bali are crazzzzyyyyy... If u are scared u will never move anywhere..haha..i am surpise that Bali is very very safe..WHY??? u can ride motorcycle with ur handbag,handphone in the basket, leave your helmet on the bike..No one will steal it!! In Malaysia if we leave half bottle of coke also sure gone!!!!

Our 1st stop was at the coffee farm.. It is ok if u guys miss this place.. It is just coffee.. People claim that Luwak coffee is one of the best coffee...but errr....coffe is just coffee.. We were given small cups of diff types of coffee for tasting...yup..for free....BUT if u wanna try Luwak Coffee, it cost u Rp50000... 

What is Luwak coffee?? So there are this wild fox who will come to the farm at night to eat the coffee bean but they cant digest the coffee bean (hmm... Why eat it if u cant digest???) they give back the coffee bean in their SHIT...YES SHIT.. so the farmer will collect all this coffee bean from the shit..clean and roast n tadaaaaaaaa....... Now u can have the best coffee with biscuits while reading your favourite book on your soft couch in ur house by the beach...(ok i exagerate the biscuit,book,couch,house n beach part ). Dont go if u think u are very sensitive to this and it will kill your interest in coffee. Me??? I still enjoy coffee.hahahahahha


Ok done with the shitty coffee... Then we went to Mount Batur for breakfast... Amazing view for breakfast... Mount Batur is one of the active volcanic mountain in Bali...              

Then we off to the cycling starting point...they forgot kids bike for Jason..we can continue without him but...heyy we can wait and lets have "fun" cycling together....(u will know how "fun" can cycling be later...hah)

The reason why i choose cycling is because i want to go to the the people and see their culture... So yes it is worth the "fun"...along the way we can see the kids waving at u n greet u in English.. English is not their main language but you can see their effort to welcome u to their place... We saw kids on a small truck coming back from school...some of them walk n cycling back from school..the architecture of Bali houses are amazing... They are very good in buildings. Not to forget always my favourite...paddy field!!! Subhanallah i had an amazing views of these .....

We cycle for almost 2 hours.. Small n bumpy road..but mostly downhill so we dont have to pedal much...lucky me.. Let the gravity do the work people... Wanna know the "fun" part??? After 20minutes of cycling... Your butt hurt.the seat is too hard.. That is after 20 minutes.... Imagine 2 hours... The pain last for 3-4 dayssssss!!!!!!!! Haih..we end up standing on the bike because it hurts alot!!!! I think thats it... No more cycling i guess... Haha... Its painfull in the ass yoooooooo......

We stopped by at someone's house and drink fresh coconut...fuhh...refreshing!!! They show us the "sabung ayam or ayam laga" (cock fighting each other) .. not interested because i have seen alot at home..

Then went out for lunch...yes free breakfast n lunch were included in the package.. We had lunch somewhere near Ubud... Just behind all the shop lot they were restaurant with amazing paddy field views..u know how much i loveeee paddy field.. Food was OK because its free but we need to pay for our own drink???? What the effff.....

Everyone's tired n "pink" faces during lunch

View during lunch time

To be continued....


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