Friday, May 16, 2014

#otaisolotrip Bali Day one...


After some suggestions from my friends.... I decided to write a travellogue for my solotrip.. Hope this can benefit all of you..

So i will start with my latest solotrip..Bali.. Working offshore is soooo different with other people who can plan their vacations...have a great weekend with family n friends... 4 years in this company i ahve cancelled my vacations n flight tickets TWICE... Then i decided whenever i wanna go for vacation i will buy flight ticket few days before.. It might be a litte bit pricey but heyy that is much better than wasting money for a ticket yet u cant go....

So i decided to go Bali like 5 days before the date n get my vacation approved..booked the ticket a day before..cost me around RM 600..haha..told my parents that night as i need a ride to the airpot...sooo unplanned...that is so me...haha..

"Tourists dont know where they've been, Travellers dont know where they're going"

I booked a room from air bnb at Kennetha Cost for Rm 98/night. It is a good breakfast and away from the busy city.. is located in a farm...or u might say it looks like jungle.. Im ok with if u think u are not brave enough...stay somewhere at Kuta Beach... Heyy i got free bike for one week!!! Eventhough it a little bit scary to ride back at night... It is just like 2 minutes offroad with your dont know how much i pray to God each time i ride at night..haha but thats one thing u gain from a solotrip... U got closer to God.. Because u are alone... No friends to help... Yes u can definitely make new friends..but most of the time you depends on God... Praying that notjing bad will happen..

Nothing much on 1st day..arrived bali around 2pm...take a nap..then i went out to get local simcard... Sorry i dont remember the price of the simcard but its cheap with internet plan... When i travel i need simcard n internet for GPS!!!! Ok...n instagram... :)

Went to Kuta Beach for sunset...(of course...favourite shot).. Bought tour package for cycling + water rafting + surfing for usd100...after the sunset starving!!! Damn.. My last meal was at the LCCT airport in the morning... I always forget to eat while travelling..too excited maybe...

And...i just realized that they are going to have Bali Jazz Festival this week !!! Yeaaa..... Definitely will GO!!!

Pool in "the farm"

Kuta Beach..

Sunset at Kuta Beach

Bali Jazz Festival!!!

Will continue for day 2 later....
More photos in instagram @dilamujo #otaisolotrip