Friday, October 24, 2008

Floles in Memory..

it started in january 2007 when otai first time met ben a.k.a redza shafique during the MAS..cham and apam already otai's buddies since 2006..we are RCSU members..on that time..otai,cham,apam n ben were facees for the juniors..then they build a strong friendship and always hang out together...ben invited otai to join his chanel,#floles..emie aka mici already joined the channel..mici also a RCSU member...from the channel,otai met izul,cimah and few other fellas that otai dont want to mention since they are not so close...

otai,emi,cimah,ben,cham,izul and comes the FLOLESIAN...different age,different course,different personality,different taste,but ONE friendship that will last forever..

Mcd,Irc,Pangkor,Ipoh,Pulau "Izul" and so many other places that they went many memories that they have together..sometimes they quarrel a lot but then they become friends again..

but now..we seldom spend time together since everybody have their own commitment..ben already graduated and working at bangi..otai was doing her internship at PJ..and the rest are completing their final year at UTP..

when otai went for outstation in UTP last Ramadhan,they went out several time and buka puasa together...apam only join us once..because he has commitments with other people...

its hard for them now to gather the whole FLOLESIAN...reminiscing the memory of FLOLESIAN...its all we can..

after 1 day round2 at pulau 'izul'

at muzium perang withben,izul,otai n cham


Floles were there to support emie,cham n otai during futsal..

after jogging

floles in a frame..

our cover album..

otai n emie

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raydcza said...

ohohoho... i juz saw this post... in memories indeed...