Sunday, October 12, 2008

P. Ramlee

last monday, me n my best friend went out for Hari Raya..that time we watched P Ramlee movie "3 Abdul" at our friend's house..that was not the first time i watch the movie..i can say thats the thousand's time the movie was on tv..3 Abdul was among the best film by P Ramlee...his films were the best in the universe and u will never get bored even if u watch it for many many many i right??if u dont feel that way..i can assure that something is wrong with u..

P Ramlee is one of the best director and actor that we ever had..some og his great films were ahli nujum pak belalang,doremi,bujang lapok,labu labi,anakku sazali and a lot more..most of his movie were funny and contains good moral value..

on our back n my frens were talking...

friend:awak rasekan..kalau P Ramlee tuh masih hidup..ape yg jd??

me:mmm..byk filem2 yg best2???

friend:cube awak bayangkan...zaman dulu2 pon dier da boleh buat filem yg bagus2..zaman skarang dgn teknologi nih mesti dier boleh buat filem yg lebih dr filem mat salleh..cube awak bayangkan..zaman dulu,dier da buat filem dgn 2 watak (anakku sazali),filem action (tikar terbang doremi)..zaman sekarang ni mesti filem dier lg bgus...

my friend is right...if he is still alive,our film industry will be as good as the lets us recite al-fatihah for

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