Friday, March 20, 2009

aku raser...

thats the feelings...
im having right now..
Malik is so envious with me bcoz i have lots of friend...
yes i admit..
lots of people that i know..
i make friends with most of them..
and some are my close friends..
and few are my buddies..since foundation..


do they accept me as their friends??
maybe they do..
do they treat me as their friend..??
do they treat me as their buddies???
if they do so..
they would not left me behind..
then i wont feel this lonely..
i wont feel this emptiness..


am I being to sensitive when they left me behind???
i think they always left me...
am i not being part of them anymore???
when im asking them to hang out..
it was so hard to make it..(mamak je pon)
everybody got their own plan..
when they hangout among themselves..
they dont even invited me..
am i doing something bad..?
or is it that u dont want me anymore?

i feel isolated...
i seems to be the toughest gurl(as u guys call me otai)
but deep inside me...
i am very2 soft..

p/s:luckily aku ader floles..walaupon hanye tinggal aku n cham kat utp ni..aku baru pasan aku cam slalu gak kol floles...hehe..thanks floles n cham for being with me..=) (ben jgn jeles aku ngan cham)

1 comment:

raydcza said...

x jeles pon otai.. coz i know... deep down inside cham's heart, there's xde pape lah~