Sunday, March 1, 2009


i love food..
i love to eat...
this few days...
i lost my apetite...
me myself not sure bout that..
and that sound weird to me..
yes i do want to..
but if im on diet...
i will eat when i feel to..
i miss Mr Rice..
before this..
i cant live without rice for one day..
but now..
i did not feel to meet Mr Rice..
to fill the big empty stomach..
i do take Mr bread...
because i do need the energy..
brekfast----Mr Chocolatey Bread
lunch---Mr Chocolatey Bread
dinner--something heavy such as Ms Mee..but on half of it..

p/s: i cook poridge just now..plan to eat later..but my super hunger rumate finish it..huhu..rumate saye kuat makan~~

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