Saturday, April 25, 2009

otai is back!!!

playing for sport carnival...
lawan civil td..
4-0 clean shot!!
i love this feeling...
one more game tomorow..
kalau menang g FINAL!!
thanks defender esp cham for helping me alot..
man of the match is cham..
byk bola yg cham clear..
tendangan yg padu!!

then after the game td the guys almost had a fight...
sbb tapuas ati ngan reff..
reff dier mmg sengal2 pon..
sian cham..
she is so scared to death!!
she almost cry..
hiding behind me..

dear cham..
u dont have to worry at all..
bcoz i am here to protect u..
i will always be there to protect u..
even if u are late to the court..
even if we always had arguement..
i will protect u forever..

1 comment:

cham said...

ahha.. dem! Toksah aa iklankan kat sini aku takott. Cis