Wednesday, April 1, 2009

keep silent..

I am...
laughing outside..
but crying inside...

to love is so hard..
hiding the love is harder..

i see u staring at me...
but u never truly see me..

why i love u so much..
when u are out of touch..

Feelings that we could have shared,
you flung behind without a care.

It seems so hard to let you go,
and the process is so slow.

I don't know whether I should stay,
and waste another day away.

I do know, though, that all this pain,
will soon drive me insane.

You don't feel me loving you,
and you just can't seem to get a clue.

You don't see me cry inside,
and in you I know I can't confide.

Yet still I find that you are blind,
to things meant to be kind.

You know nothing of my fears,
and are unaware of all my tears.

I know I really can't deny,
things I feel as I look you in the eye.

So who will help me make it though?
Who will tell me what to do?

How come every time I see your face,
for me there's never any space?

Maybe someday you'll see me differently,
so until then, I'll be waiting silently.

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